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Donation-Based PWYW Consulting

At ASG Advising, we offer donation-based or pay-what-you-want (PWYW) business consulting pricing.

Basically, we have done away with a fixed pricing for our services.

Instead, we allow our consulting client to choose the amount that they will pay based on how much value that they think we deliver.

Instead of the typical flat fee, I’m offering my services in exchange for a donation in the amount of your choice.

The reason being, I want to be accessible to businesses in their early-stages of development as well as established business that are ready to fine-tune their systems & processes.

I offer a suggested donation sliding scale to give a loose guideline for amounts if you are unsure of where to start.

Start-up Tier - $450
Early Stages Tier - $900
Established Tier - $1,400

For example, if you are an established business you’d likely offer to pay at the higher tier donation whereas a new business still gaining traction would understandably go with a lower tier donation.
what our clients say
"When we started working with ASG Advising, we were a little company with some challenges in areas around operational systems and internal process improvement.

ASG Advising helped us put structure and purpose into our operations. They also taught us a lot about how we can work together more effectively.

We couldn't recommend ASG Advising strongly enough to any business or organization that wants to lay the foundation for future growth."
- Jason L. owner of Ecospace
what our clients say
"My business needed someone to help us formulate higher level processes for our business.

ASG Advising made the task surprisingly easy as they asked questions and created processes that helped me approach my business in a systematic manner.  

I highly recommend their services!"
- Dave H. owner of Scangaroo
what our clients say
"I had this goal of owning a business and creating freedom in my life.... but I didn't have a real plan. My partner and I hired Nathaniel and we had our first consulting session.

Immediately we knew that he had answers that could sky rocket our business and create the freedom that we had always wanted.

Throughout our meetings, Nathaniel was able to break down the most complicated portions of our business and create a plan for me to follow.

We thought we were going to do 8-12 roofing projects per month. However, Nathaniel was able to implement systems that would sustain 50+ projects per month. We now do anywhere from 40-50 projects per month far surpassing our original goals.

As I write this, I have a company that grossed $800,000 in revenue in our first year. We hired Nathaniel and with his help, we destroyed some old beliefs, created some new beliefs, and implemented many systems.

In our second year, my company is on pace to do $6 million in revenue!

I thought that I could find all of the answers necessary to operate a business on Google or through my business network. But why should I sacrifice years of struggle, of dollars wasted, while my competitors dominate my industry.

Hire Nathaniel's and get ahead of the curve while you still have the time, resources, and energy - Nothing prevents progress like perfection. "
- Clyde B. owner of LOA Construction
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